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What ages is it for? 0

What ages is it for?

FUNdamentals4Kids is ideal for children ages 4-9 years of age, but often, it really depends on maturity. We have children 3 years olds and 12 year olds who not only enjoy it, but learn...

What is your mission statement? 0

What is your mission statement?

FUNdamentals4Kids is determined to equip children with the necessary tools they need to be successful both personally and professionally. Through hands-on activities and online activities, we strive to be a trusted partner by parents...

What is FUNdamentals4Kids? 0

What is FUNdamentals4Kids?

FUNdamentals4Kids is a monthly subscription. Each month, children receive a box that has various hands on activities and access to online activities that teach manners, character development and life skills.