FAQs – Fundamentals4Kids


FUNdamentals4Kids is a monthly subscription. Each month, children receive a box that has various hands on activities and access to online activities that teach manners, character development and life skills.

FUNdamentals4Kids is determined to equip children with the necessary tools they need to be successful both personally and professionally. Through hands-on activities and online activities, we strive to be a trusted partner by parents in helping them to teach their children fundamental skills that instill strong moral values, impeccable integrity, sincere manners and an overall commitment to excellence.

FUNdamentals4Kids is ideal for children ages 4-9 years of age, but often, it really depends on maturity. We have children 3 years olds and 12 year olds who not only enjoy it, but learn so much that they didn’t know before.

FUNdamentals4Kids is meant to be a family affair. Parents, what we know is that our children learn so much through discussion (not lecture, but discussion). Many of our hands-on-products are designed to create kind discussion between parent and child like our flashcards, board game and story-time. What we can tell you is this…if you want your child to learn the most from this program, it requires parental involvement. It’s up to you how much time you spend on the activities, but there is enough activities with this program, that you will have 10-20 minutes of material 5 days a week for each of the four weeks of the month if you want that.

Yes! If you are currently paying monthly, you can switch to a 6 month or 12 month subscription at any time to save, as long as you have at least 6 months of boxes left to enjoy. Simply login into “Manage My Account” and click on “Change my Plan”.

Yes. There are refunds when you purchase your boxes by the month. SHIPPING IS NON-REFUNDABLE. You can “Return to Sender” when you receive a new months box and when we receive the box with everything in its original condition, we will then refund you. You must go click on “Manage My Account” and then click on “Change My Plan” in order to cancel your subscription.

6 or 12 month subscription:
To receive a refund on your 6 or 12 month subscription, you must inform FUNdamentals4Kids within 30 days of receiving your FIRST BOX by contacting us through our HELP DESK. We will then give you instructions on returning your box.

Absolutely! Simply go to: “Manage my Account”. Click on “Change My Plan” and then choose, “Cancel my Auto-Renew Subscription”. This will cancel your next scheduled delivery that has not been shipped yet.

You may cancel your subscription but you will still receive the remaining boxes of your prepaid subscription. When all of your boxes of your prepaid subscription have been shipped, then your account is canceled.

Our boxes have enough materials for 4 children to participate, with the exception of the first box which comes with (1) Success Booklet. Additional booklets can be added at checkout when you sign up.

If you order between the 1st and 14th of the month, your order will be shipped on the 15th of the month. If you order between the 15-end of the month, your order will be shipped during the first week of the following month. Current 6 and 12 month subscriptions will ship during the first week of each month.

Shipping is FREE in the US. We use the United States Post Office Media Mail shipping for all boxes being shipped in the United States. This shipping takes between 5-12 business days to arrive. All international orders will be shipped by the USPS using priority shipping.

Oh yes you can and we know that whomever you give it to, will be so very grateful. It’s so fun to give the people we love meaningful gifts that will bless their entire family. To give as a gift, simply click the box at checkout that reads “This is a Gift”. Then, fill out the pop up window to leave a note to whomever you are gifting this too. We will include a gift note in their first subscription box so they know who this special gift is from.

Absolutely. Simply go to: “Manage my Account”. Then, click on “Settings”. Then,  look for the “Ship To Address”.

Please feel free to email our customer service department with any concerns or additional questions on our contact us page.

Not at this time however, you can order all 12 boxes at once and then choose which skill you want to work on based on your family’s needs. Simply let us know through the Contact Us link