About Us – Fundamentals4Kids
Who are we? We are Staci Ericson and Monica Irvine, co-founders of FUNdamentals4Kids and fellow intensely passionate believers in good manners!! Who isn't? Well, as it just so happens...lots of people! However, we are determined to change that. And change it, we will!

We are so excited that you have decided to visit our site and learn a little bit more about us. We're not sure who reached out to who first, but at some point in our individual seeking for wonderful manner's products to support our individual growing companies, we found each other and in so doing, found a like-minded sister.

You're so excited that now, you know you can't be accused of being the only person on the earth that still thinks manners are important and essential for happiness? Well, that's how we feel about each other. It's wonderful!
You know how every now and then you just meet someone who thinks like you and talks like you?
What is our goal?
Our goal is to help parents and teachers teach children essential skills that will bring greater happiness and success to their lives.
How do we define manners?
Manners (or etiquette) is helping those around us to feel valued and comfortable.
Why do manners matter to us and why should they matter to you?
Manners matter because our happiness and success in life is heavily influenced by the health of our relationships both personally and professionally. If our children do not have the skills to develop healthy, compassionate, selfless, kind relationships that are built on integrity and mutual respect, then our children will struggle to find true peace and happiness.
Why FUNdamentals4Kids? Because...
Number one, it's kind of awesome!
Number two, it works!
And yes, there is a number three - it's so simple!
What is it?
FUNdamental4Kids is a monthly subscription that teaches children manners, life and social skills and character development. Each month, your family will receive a cute little box in the mail with an award winning storybook, a really fun board game, some other great hands on activities and access to our online lessons and activities that are simply wonderful and one of a kind! Your children will cheer for MANNERS!
Parents, don't wait any longer. It's time to make teaching manners a priority but also, it's time to make teaching manners fun and exciting, so that everyone will look forward to learning. That's the real key. If your kids dread it, it's hard to learn. If they can't wait, then learning is a breeze and then they don't forget what they've learned!
You will absolutely, 100% guaranteed, see improvement in your children's manners! We're not kidding. We guarantee it.
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